EPLI Coverage. Simplified.

1. Covers losses that would not be covered by Comprehensive General Liability Policies.

2. Covers wrongful termination, discrimination, sexual harassment, hostile work environment, and even wage and hour disputes.

3. EPLI coverage is essential in today's litigious society.

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Less Claims

The numbers of employment-related claims have been steadily increasing over the years, in 2015 alone the EEOC listed over 161,000 complaints. Small businesses share a disproportionate amount of the claims, a staggering 40% of claims involve firms with less than 50 employees.


Unfortunately EPLI Coverage is Essential in Today's World

Less Exposure

General Liability policies alone do not protect against EPL exposure. In fact, General Liability policies specifically EXCLUDE EPL, and supplemental plans lack essential coverages. Some of these coverages include Wage & Hour defense costs for employee disputes and 3rd Party Claims. It is vital businesses obtain the proper stand-alone EPLI coverage.

Less Expensive

The costs associated with employment-related claims are much higher than one may think. Defending employment-related claims, even if the claim is without merit, is expensive. Legal Defense Costs alone can easily average more than $125,000 for a relatively simple case, and Awards can be in the Millions of dollars.


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